About Us

In 1991 RKM Fireworks was started by Ron and Kim Evans, and their one year old son Mitch. We could see that there was a great need for a reputable business in the display fireworks business so we thought we would start a display company, RKM Fireworks. St. Evans was still going strong in the consumer line of fireworks with retail sales, wholesale and consignment. When RKM started there was only one other display company in the area, and they got shut down the same year we got started. Some of those shows that we got that year are still with us today.

In the beginning all of the shows were hand fired by our trained shooters. As time went on, steel guns and hand firing started being phased out with HDPE or Fiberglass tubes replacing steel and electronic firing becoming more popular. Most of our shows have a mix of hand fire as well as electronic fire. We choose what is right for the show which translates to cost savings for our customers but still allowing us to give a great show for a reasonable price.  

We moved our base from Mishawaka Indiana to Edwardsburg Michigan to a much bigger facility. With that move we had to say good-bye to storefront retail, but started selling consumer fireworks on-line at our own Fireworksplus.com and fulfilling for several other on-line stores.

After 30+ years of being in the fireworks business we are still stunning audiences with their dream fireworks displays. While Ron, Kim and Mitch are still hanging around, they handed the reins off to Bryan Szajko in March of 2012. Bryan and his staff of five including Molly Evans have continued and expanded on Ron’s vision of the wholesale, retail, and display fireworks company. We currently have bunkers in three states that are all licensed through ATF to store our commercial product in. 

No matter what kind of fireworks show you are looking for, whether it is consumer level, commercial level, our a full blown pyromusical such as our award winning show at Pyromania in 2015.  RKM Fireworks looks forward to working with you on getting you your “dream fireworks” show. Give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.