Pricing List

For order via E-mail: Download the excel sheet via file then click download choose Excel. Add your order amounts to excel sheet using cs at the end to note cases then email order to: including your Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and Company Name. Optional: For no taxs: Wholesale Tax ID. For ordering Pro Line attach a copy of proof of training from RKM Fireworks, PGI, NFA or a 1.3 license. For 1.3G orders attach a copy of your ATF license you will also need to bring it in for pick up and fill out the Customer Info From Print or Download.

RKM Fireworks Tier Pricing:

Tier Amount Spent
Wholesale Under $999
Tier 1 $1000 to $2,499 
Tier 2 $2,500 to $9,999 
Tier 3 $10,000 At that tiers price or orders minimum 100cs


Scroll to the bottom for direct links to the sheets and downloads. You must now login to view pricing and be assigned to tier 1 or above to view all tiers.